Kitten & Fishbone Dinner

This is my kid’s dinner. I wished I could make the kitten not looking so much like the tiger next time. I have the tendency to make all kind of cats to look like Hello Kitty so i added the stripes on the forehead. Aigh it turned out looking more like a tiger (hahaha).


1. Make 1 onigiri (rice ball). It should be the portion of what your kids normally eat.

2. Make 2 small triangle onigiri for the ears.

3. Cut out some strips from the nori sheet for bones, tails and a triangle for the fish head. Put all together to form a shape of a fishbone.

4. Cut out the eyes, nose and whiskers for the kitten from the nori sheet. You may use a nori punch for the eyes and nose too.

(Taken with Instagram)


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