Hello Kitty !

Hello Kitty character food had never failed to impress my daughters…I guess it’s the same for other mommies and daughters too!

I don’t have many gadgets for character food or bento making. Hello Kitty rice mold is the only rice mold I have (at the moment). I used it as a cookie cutter too. My principle, less gadgets less organizing!

Tools:Β Scissors, Toothpick, Mayonnaise(optional), Drinking Straw, Hello Kitty Rice Mold.

Ingredients: Rice, Nori Sheet(seaweed), Cheese Slice, Egg (optional).


1. Hello Kitty rice mold to mold the rice into Hello Kitty rice shape.

2. Cut nori(seaweed) into desire shapes for the eyes, bow and whiskers. Oh, for the mini sushi and onigiri too.

3. I used straw to cut out tiny round shapes for all the yellow.

4. Dip toothpick with tiny bit of mayo to transfer all the tiny pieces of cut out nori.


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