Moo Moo Cow

Moo moo cow

Moo Moo Cow – Egg with butterhead lettuce & tomato sandwich.

Moo Moooooo ~


Moo moo cow

Tools: knife, scissors, pipping tip, and toothpick.

Moo moo cow

cut bread’s edges.

Moo moo cow

Fill the sandwich!

Moo moo cow

Use pipping tip to cut out round shapes for the eyes.
Use toothpick to draw desire shapes on the cheese slice.

Moo moo cow

Do the same on another darker shade of cheese slice (I used smokey bbq cheese) for cow horns and nose.

Moo moo cow

Nori cut out for the eyes.

Moo moo cow

Cut out nori for the ears, eyelashes and black patches on the cow.
Tips: I use mayonnaise as glue.

Moo moo cow

Ta Dahhhhhh

-bon appetit-


8 thoughts on “Moo Moo Cow

  1. Så flink du er!!! Mine barn hadde likt å sånne brødskiver, må nok prøve å lage dem en gang. Skal lage inlegg på bloggen min om deg. Kan jeg låne bildene dine?

  2. Sorry !!!! I meant to write it in english: P
    So clever you are!! My kids had enjoyed that kind of sandwiches, must probably try to make them once. Will make things, talks on my blog about you. Can I borrow your pictures?

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