Cute Panda

Cute Pandas


Tools: Scissors, drinking straw, toothpick.
1. Mold the rice with cling wrap.
2. Cut out nori for the parts you want them to look black (ears, eyes, mouth, hands).
3. Cut out ham from the drinking straw for the nose.
4. Ketchup/ ham for the blushing cheeks.

Tips: Use toothpick to pick up and transfer the nori. Mayonnaise as glue.ย 

Characters food making should be fun, inspiring and inexpensive. I don’t want to spend too much time searching and buying all kind of gadgets and end up neglecting or forgetting them. So I tried to stick to the basics. I used what I normally have in my kitchen or it must be easy to be found in the markets around my neighbourhood.

P.S. My apology for the low quality of my pictures. It was all taken by iPhoneย 4 and with my favourite Valencia filter onย Instagram. You can view my latest posts here.


23 thoughts on “Cute Panda

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  2. You are making miss Japan so much! I wish I knew you a few years ago when I would struggle making bento boxes for my sons and having to keep up with other moms in the school. A lot of work goes into making these adorable little bento boxes. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Ja Mata, BAM

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I only started this blog end of Nov. Im so pathetic with blogging. It’s amazing how you could bake, cook and blog at the same time…salute.

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