Cute Cows for Lunch

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I posted this on Instagram during December, 2011. Many of you should know I’m super duper slow in blogging. Thank you for being patience with me.

This is the rice version of Moo Moo Cow sandwiches. You can follow the step-by-step here too.

Tools: Scissor, Toothpick, Knife, Cling wrap.

Ingredients: Rice, Nori sheet (seaweed), cheese slice, Ham, 1 tsp Mayonnaise.


1. Use cling wrap to mold the rice into 2 square shapes.

2. Cut nori for the eyes, nose, and black prints on the cows from the scissor.

3. Use knife to cut out 2 square shapes for the faces from the cheese slice. And 2 smaller rectangle shapes for the nose from the ham.

4. Use toothpick to draw the ears, nose ring and tails on the cheese slice. You can see how I do it here.

5. Dip toothpick with some mayonnaise to transfer and glue the nori on the rice.

I hope you enjoy making these cute cows.

Ideas adapted from Anna The Red.


6 thoughts on “Cute Cows for Lunch

  1. So cuteee…. I love the way your arrange those cows on heap of broccoli…btw are u happen to be food stylist, your photo always have nice and neat arrangement. And I love your wooden plate as well, been wanting to get one but can’t find it here.

    • Aww thank you for being kind always. I only packed regular bentos without cute character for my girls to bring to the kindergarten so these are served at home for lunch/dinner few times a week. I only have 3 boards at the moment and this is the only one with a bit of style…the other 2 are just rectangle food cutting board that specially used them for kyaraben purposes :P. I’m not too sure where else to get those really cute boards in Malaysia too. I got mine from the grocery store near my home. Please let me know when you happen to find one too okay :p .

  2. I am so impressed with your creativity! I pinned this post specifically, but the other ones are equally adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your edible artwork!

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