Interview Session

Interview session with The Star Newspaper on February 2012.

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top right: Rachel Lee, top left: Goh Ai Ping, bottom left: Samantha Lee

Lee Mei Li, the Star2 journalist discovered my photo stream from the Instagram and contacted me to have this interview session. Frankly, I was very nervous about being featured with two other creative mommies, Rachel Lee and Goh Ai Ping. Especially, Goh Ai Ping who is a pro in bento making and she has a blog named KidsDreamWork.

I was excited to meet the young and talented journalist Mei Li. She is a crochet lover and she has a photo stream on Instagram as Meimoirs to showcase her cute creations. Recently, She has her own blog AmiguruMEI and a brand new Art & Craft column in the Star2 Lifestyle section weekly.

The Interview session turned out to be great! Sufficient time was given to me to  demonstrate a ‘gothic‘ kyaraben and a ‘oh so cute!‘ kyaraben for the photo shooting session.

Snapshot by me after the interview session.

bento, cute food, obento, charaben, kyaraben, food, cute bento

‘The Loving Chicks’ and ‘The Addams Family’

A simpler version of the article ‘Food Art’ was also published in The Star2 Online. You can check it out here.


10 thoughts on “Interview Session

  1. Congratulations Samantha!!!! Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Such an accomplishment. ^^
    And heehee, the “Loving Chicks” kyaraben is adorable. I like that the top two are kissing. :-* (:
    ♥ xixia

  2. Hello Sam,
    Thanks for linking up! I have not been updating my blog too since ages ago as there were some changes in my work assignment lately and the workload is crazy. Love your creations so much, so nicely done! 🙂

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