EatzyBitzy AmiguruMEI Picnic Adventure: Pandapple-chan!

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let’s water the apple tree.

Pandapple is a kawaii かわいい panda from Sanrio who wears a red apple with green leaf stem as a hat.

I have teamed up with young and talented Meimoirs from amiguruMEI to make this fun creation few weeks ago. Being able to work with Meimoirs was truly amazing. I’m so inspired by her amigurumi crochet. Please check out her kawaii blog for free crochet patterns.

eatzy bitzy, kawaii, pandapple, sanrio, pandapple bento, bento, obento, kawaii, cute, cute food, charaben, kyaraben, character food, hello kitty


eatzy bitzy. pandapple, pandapple bento, bento, obento, kawaii, cute bento, cute, charaben, kyaraben, cute food, hello kitty, leesamantha, samantha lee

Pink Pandapple given by amiguruMEI as a gift. Loving it!

pandapple, pandapple bento, eatzybitzy, breakfast, sanrio, bento, obento, cute, cute bento, cute food, kawaii, kawaii bento, hello kitty, charaben, kyaraben, food, leesamantha, samantha lee

Pandapple loves the garden.

How to make this?

1. Hat: Bread + jam

2. Leaf stem: Nori & vege

3. Apple tree: Nutella + bread + banana + jam (red)

4. Bumble bee: Banana + nutella

5. Sun: Egg

P.S. I used nutella for the wordings.


Snapshot behind the scene. We continued shooting even during a thunderstorm!

eatzy bitzy, food photography, pandapple, picnic

this is Meimoirs behind the scene.

eatzybitzy. pandapple, leesamantha, bento, kawaii, cute, cute food, breakfast

taking some shots of the food.


10 thoughts on “EatzyBitzy AmiguruMEI Picnic Adventure: Pandapple-chan!

  1. Oh my, so cuteeee…love it. Amiguru had been getting popular here too, I’ve been wanting to learn and now your post really trigger it 🙂 will go and check the link on the free patterns, thanks for sharing, cheers 😉

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