Olympics 2012 ~ ‘Yay, I win I win!’

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‘Yay, I win I win!’

Today, the London Olympics will begin with the opening ceremonies. I have been excited about it and made this Olympics themed bento for my 3 and 5 year old girls last week. I told them it’s the chance for the world to come together and experienced each other’s culture through sports (they don’t really understand what I’m saying though hahaha).

olympics, london, olympics 2012, bento, obento, cute food, food, food art, cute, winner, champion, home cook, kids, art

Since I needed 3 faces as the winners, I thought I should have all of them in different colours. Too ambitious and I ended up making myself too busy with nothing. Worse is, couldn’t tell the difference from the pictures.

1. Stir fry the rice with ketchup + onion = for pink face

2. Stir fry the rice with soy sauce + onion = for brown face

How to make this?

Tools: Scissor, Toothpick, Nori, Food picks (optional).

Ingredients: Rice, Nori sheet (seaweed), Cheese slice, 1 tsp Mayonnaise.


1. Use cling wrap to shape the rice.

2. Cut out nori for the hair, eyes, mouth and other details you wanted to ‘colour’ it black.

3. Used toothpick to draw the shape of the award on the cheese slice.

4. Dip toothpick with some mayonnaise to transfer and glue the nori on the rice balls.

5. Decorate the bento as you wish.

olympics, london, olympics 2012, bento, obento, olympics bento, cute food, cute, food art, art, food, home cook, lunch box, dinner, kids,

Hope you like this Olympics themed bento.

-enjoy the games-


18 thoughts on “Olympics 2012 ~ ‘Yay, I win I win!’

  1. No worries, I can tell and see the color differences of those faces ๐Ÿ™‚ Waow the mouth seems to be very tricky and need details, I will never be able to have such patience to cut such fine details, and so neat too, as always. Cheers.

  2. wow it looks like one of those japanese bento sets with anime characters on them. they’re just too adorable to be eaten!

  3. Ahh, too cute! I really like your “Olympics 2012” banner behind it. As if the box wasn’t adorable enough. ๐Ÿ˜›
    And aww, your daughters must have been so happy to have themselves in this treat! Heehee, I really like the face of the middle one – that’s amazing detail work with the teeth!
    ♥ xixia

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